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IZEImage Zone Express
IZEInitiating Zone Expander (circuitry)
IZEInternational Zoological Expeditions
IZEImage Zone Express (Hewlett-Packard)
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Afrofusion star, Burna Boy rocking Kenneth Ize's design at Coachella (Source: IG)
"The ize spelling is a pretty accurate representation of the Ancient Greek suffix," he said.
O norint visapusiskai (ne tik ekonomiskai) nagrineti pastatu atitvaru apsiltinimo tikslinguma, butina taikyti gyvavimo ciklo izes (GCA) metodus.
Lauric ac id (2.5 x10-5 mmol) and dry thionyl chloride (8.2 x10-5 mmol ) we re firs t reacted to s ynthes ize lauroyl chloride.
Ize y Levy (1998, 2003) proponen un indicador que llaman cartera de minima varianza (CMV), el cual mide la participacion de los activos en moneda extranjera en una cartera que incluye activos tanto en moneda nacional como moneda extranjera y que redituan intereses de tal forma que se minimice la varianza de la cartera.
* Ize Workshop for the Crown Grange Collection, a range of cast stainless-steel door handles by Kenneth Grange.
IZE allows the user to import information from a variety of word processing and spreadsheet programs, including Microsoft Works, WordPerfect, Quattro and Lotus 1-2-3.
Persoft Announces Additions to IZE Info Management Software
The creativity of Nigerian designers was showcased in New York over the weekend, as the rave of the moment, Burna Boy rocked a creative design by fashion designer Kenneth Ize for his performance at Coachella.
Atlikta jautrumo ize (Mikucioniene, Martinaitis 2014) parode, kad atskiru kriteriju reitingavimas dideliu pokyciu sprendimu priemejui nepateikia, todel buvo atlikta ize kriteriju itakai BDK vertei ir sprendimu priemimui nustatyti.
In continuation of our previous res earch work on s ulfonamides [8-13], this was a fruitful attempt to s ynthes ize a new s eries of N-(5-chloro-2- methoxyphenyl)aryl s ulfonamides (3a-e) and als o N- ethyl/benzyl-N-(5-chloro-2-methoxyphenyl)aryl s ulf- onamides (6a-e and 7a-e) s howing s ignificant activity agains t the Gram-negative and Gram-pos itive bacteria us ing ciprofloxacin as reference s tandard.