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IZHIslamisches Zentrum Hamburg (Germany)
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Caption: This re-creation of the banned IZH 61 side-lever will no doubt attract an established customer base.
During the checks, the police have seized a pistol of IZH 79-8 model with 8 ammunition of caliber 9 mm; 13 rounds of ammunition of caliber 9mm; carbine "Saiga-410" with a store and 4 cartridges; revolver ME-38; pistol "Walter" PP 3/93; gas gun with 35 stores; 5 hunting knives, and other.
The Baikal IZH 18 Max single-shot comes with a handsome walnut stock that is set off nicely by the polished nickel receiver.
The SVD sniper rifle (Snayperskaya Vintovka Dragunova, Index 6V1) developed by the Izh Mash (Izhevskiy Mashinostroitel' niy Zavod--Main Soviet Arsenal in Izhevsk, Russia) designer Evgeniy Dragunov, was adopted for service with the Soviet Armed Forces in 1963 and remains in service to this day.
The Model IZH MP213 Coach Gun, in 12 gauge, has a removable trigger assembly, ideal for the adjustments needed for various cowboy events.