IZLIrgun Zvai Leumi
IZLInternational Zerkers League (gaming)
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The affair culminated in the hanging of the IZL members and the Irgun's retaliatory execution of two British officers.
On at least one occasion they altered an article of Akzin's in order to temper its sympathy for the IZL: In a December 1946 essay, Akzin described Jewish attacks on the British as "inevitable excesses" that have merely "added to the confusion"; the editors inserted two sentences declaring that such attacks "must be deeply deplored." Akzin to Neumann, 17 May 1946, 8/15-peh, Metzudat Ze'ev (Jabotinsky Institute), Tel Aviv; also see Akzin's copy of his article, "The 22nd Zionist Congress," from New Palestine, 13 December 1946, 7-10, with his markings on p.
The Haganah was the main Jewish militia at the time; IZL is the acronym for Irgun Zva'i Leumi (National Military Organization); LHI refers to Lohamei Herut Yisrael (Freedom Fighters of Israel) or the "Stern Gang"; IDF is the acronym for the Israel Defence Forces.
The first Irgun Zivi Leumi (IZL) commander he met on the scene supposedly "had a peculiar glitter in his eyes, cold and cruel." A female Jewish fighter he encountered was "a beautiful young girl with criminal eyes." The IZL-Lehi fighters were "these criminals."
Summary: The forces of the Zionist gangs Tsel, IZL and Hagana, fitted out with the Zionist terrorist strategy of killing civilians in order to achieve their aspirations, began stealing into the village of Dair Yasin on the night of April 9, 1948.
But what should the Stern and IZL gangs do but rush to mow down whoever fell within range of their weapons.
Irgun Zivi Leumi (IZL) and Lehi representatives met with the Haganah's commander for Jerusalem, David Shaltiel, to discuss what action the IZL and Lehi could take to assist the Haganah's offensive.
Mordechai Ra'anan, the IZL commander for Jerusalem, likewise recalled discussing with Shaltiel the idea of attacking Deir Yassin, with the two of them agreeing on the strategic value of its capture.
The second largest, the Irgun Zvai Leumi (IZL), was the underground group led by Menachem Begin that had spearheaded the Jewish revolt against the British during 1944-1947.
The smallest was the Lehi (acronym for Fighters for the Freedom of Israel; commonly called the Stern Group), a splinter of the IZL Both the IZSL and Lehio were often referred to by Haganah members as 'dissidents'.