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IZOIndium Zinc Oxide
IZOIzumo, Japan (Airport Code)
IZOInternational Zakat Organization (Malaysia)
IZOIzana Observatory
IZOIzaña Atmospheric Observatory (Spain)
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However, the [In.sub.2][O.sub.3] phase demonstrates fairly clear polycrystalline maxima, while the ZnO-phase XRD pattern in Figure 4(c) rather corresponds to an X-ray amorphous material, which might be due to a smaller average size of ZnO particles (crystallites), as compared to [In.sub.2][O.sub.3] grains, in IZO fibers.
Tata Communications' pioneering IZO Cloud Enablement Platform, and in particular IZO Internet WAN, harnesses our partnerships, global network and cloud expertise to make the Internet fit for business and help Batelco's customers accelerate their digital transformation.
The LRCCP's study was conducted in two stages where the IZO of ZincOx was compared to two commercialized ZnOs currently used in rubber mixes.
The IZO Public cloud enablement service is part of Tata Communications' game changing IZO network platform for enhanced hybrid cloud enablement.
Ni uko usanga kenshi na kenshi gahunda zimwe na zimwe zo guteza imbere ikinyarwanda zidakurikiranwa, ahubwo ugasanga bazitereranye impuguke mu byo guteza imbere indimi kandi izo gahunda zarateguriwe hamwe mu manama azwi.
The Ganda Koy militia, a strategic government ally in the 1990s, has revived itself, and the Ganda Izo, which was established by other Songhai and Fulani in response to the renewed Tuareg rebellion in 2006, stand ready.
(2.) Osip Brik, "V poriadke dnia," in Iskusstvo v proizvodstvo [Art in Production] (Moscow: IZO Narkompros, 1921), 8; translated by Natasha Kurchanova as "Our Agenda," in "Osip Brik: Selected Criticism," October 134 (Fall 2010): 83.