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IZP group chairman Luo Feng said in his speech that IZP will cooperate with China Merchants Group to upgrade the port service, benefit and revenue model through the model of "Internet Big Data + Port".
The clearing services will be carried out by IZP Group's cross-border financial company Globebill, which provides small and medium-sized enterprises with cross-border trade payment financial services.
The approval by Russia for IZP to carry out clearing service has speeded up the pace of our global layout for better serving the traders between China and Russia.
Globebill is a cross-border payment financial company under IZP Group, providing SMEs with cross-border payment financial services.
It is the first time that Chongqing has tried to apply big data technology to cross-border trade by cooperating with IZP.
Different from traditional e-commerce enterprises (they always try to attract users by building websites), IZP has deployed a big data platform covering 800 million overseas Internet users in 89 countries and has access to a global consumers map with big data mining technology in real time.
IZP will build up a unified global order production center, including domestic and international E2E logistics with a unified order code and providing comprehensive logistics management of all commodity orders.
With close cooperation between the Chongqing municipal government and IZP Group, we will make the Chongqing big data cross-border e-commerce platform the core and leading platform in Chongqing.
Inflazyme is listed on The Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol IZP and is a member of the TSE 300 composite index.