IZRIndependent Zone Routing
IZRInformationen zur Raumentwicklung (German: Information on Space Developtment)
IZRInterprovinciale Ziektekosten Regeling (Dutch: Inter-Provincial Health Regulations)
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IZR Solutions will migrate its IP Clear, CellStream and FrameStream service requirements to Matrix Communications, under the terms of the contract, in order to gain end-to-end support.
The connection is fibre optic-delivered and, according to izR, provides a 1:1 connection alongside a total care package, BT's highest level SLA.
Civil servants in local authorities and police forces are statutorily insured in the IZA, IZR or DGPV schemes.
A spokesperson for the Birmingham-based company said that its partnership with izR will provide it with the opportunity to deliver services to a wider range of businesses.
Moreover, incorporation of HDDE with antibacterial activity can impart PAMAHS remarkable antimicrobial activity, and the IZR of PAMAHS-1.5 is 43.2% and 30% against E.
Gathering in Dar Citizens of Izr in Dar countryside staged a massive gathering in March 8th Square in the city to show support to the army in countering terrorism.
He noted that the technical cadres have repaired the breakdown and are currently working to fix another breakdown in two communication centers in al-Sheikh Maskin and Izr in the same area.
According to the intelligence the opposition has received, two of the three convoys carrying rockets with chemical warheads moved from Qutayfah, in northeast Damascus, to their final destinations at al-Dumair military airport near Damascus and Regiment 175 in Izr in Dar.
It has regrouped and consolidated its presence in towns such as Sanameen, Nawa, Izr and Der city itself, which remain firmly in army control.
And in the southern province of Dar, where the anti-regime revolt was born 21 months ago, rebels and troops clashed in the towns of Sheikh Maskin and Izr, as villages and towns came under army shelling.