IZTInterconnector Zeebrugge Terminal (Belgium)
IZTInverse Z-Transform
IZTInternal Zone Routing Table
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IUK owns and runs the subsea gas pipeline linking between the UK with Belgium, IZT owns the Belgian compressor terminal at the Interconnector in Zeebrugge, and Huberator provides trading-related services in the Zeebrugge Gas Hub.
It has been published by researchers from Queen's University Management School in Belfast, in partnership with researchers from the Euromed Management School Marseille, and the Institute for Futures Studies and Technology Assessment (IZT) in Berlin.
(AGO KUNAP (Tartu)) Ago Kunnap Livonian 'live' Komi 'give' Present Past Present Past 1PSg ab jela iz jela og set eg set 3PSg ab jela iz jela oz set ez set 2PSg ab jela izt jela on set en set 1PPl ab jelam izt jelam og (e) setej eg set ej 3PPl ab jelat izt jelat oz setni ez setni 2PPl ab jelat izt jelat on (e) setej en(e) setej Veps 'bind' Present 1PSg en sido 3PSg ij sido 2PSg ed sido 1PPl emei sidogoi 3PPl ij sidogoi 2PPl etei sidogoi
125, see following note for full reference) has Linuf and Ullin singing: 'Jager werden wohnen, wo izt | das frohe Mahl im Kreise geht'; Rambach or his proofreader spotted this and at the back 'Jager' is corrected to 'Geier'; Kopke picked up the correction, but introduced his own error, rendering 'Geier' as 'Geiger' (Tieck's nachgelassene Schriften, I, 204); again the misprint is spotted and registered at the end, but Wimmer did not bother to look there, so the reader of the Klassiker Verlag edition is to be terrified by future visions of fiddlers living in ruins.
and limited ground engagement duty cycles, while the 310-2400 integrated zero-turn transaxle (IZT) is designed for consumer zero-turn machines and wide-area walk-behind mowers.
Forscher(innen) vom Institut fur okologische Wirtschaftsforschung (IOW), dem Institut fur Zukunftsstudien und Technologiebewertung (IZT) sowie dem Institut fur Energie- und Umweltforschung Heidelberg (IFEU) haben untersucht, welche Umwelteffekte peer-to-peer sharing im Vergleich zu herkommlichen Angeboten haben kann.
Este trabajo forma parte del proyecto "Las sabanas de America del Sur: El impacto del uso reciente de tierras sobre las transformaciones biogeoquimicas de suelos", llevado a cabo entre el Instituto de Zoologia Tropical (IZT), Facultad de Ciencias, UCV, y el Institut de Recherche pour Developpement (IRD).