IAHRInternational Association of Hydraulic Engineering and Research (aka International Association of Hydraulic Research)
IAHRInternational Association for the History of Religions
IAHRInternational Association of Healing Rooms
IAHRInternational Abstracts of Human Resources (journal)
IAHRInternational Arabian Horse Registry
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While 2017 was a long way off, most international organisations planned five to eight years ahead and IAHR would be no exception.
XVIII IAHR Symposium on Hydraulic Machinery and Cavitation, Valencia, Spain, 2, pp.
5th International Symposium on FSI, AE & FIV+N Fluid-Structure Interactions, Aeroelasticty, Flow-Induced Vibration & Noise, Co-sponsored by CSME, JSME, ImechE and IAHR, New Orleans, LA.
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Classic articles reprinted from earlier issues of NVMEN and selected talks from past IAHR conferences document the six decades.
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Founded in 1950, the IAHR aims to promote the academic study of the history of religions through international collaboration of scholars.