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IBATIndependent Bankers Association of Texas
IBATIntegrated Biodiversity Assessment Tool
IBATinterscapular brown adipose tissue
IBATIleal Bile Acid Transporter
IBATInstitute of Business and Technology (Ireland)
IBATIntestinal Bile Acid Transporter
IBATInstitute of Business Administration and Training (India)
IBATIntrascapular Brown Adipose Tissue
IBATInternational Bilateral Agricultural Trade
IBATInstitute of Business Administration and Technology (Dhaka, Bangladesh)
IBATInterior Business Architecture Team (US Department of Interior)
IBATInstitute of Bookbinding and Allied Trades (UK)
IBATIndustrial Base Assessment Tool (US DoD)
IBATIndiana Brownfields Advisory Team
IBATInstruction Block Address Translation
IBATIncentive Based Afterschool Training
IBATImproved Brilliant Anti-Tank (submunition)
IBATITS and BRT Analysis Tool
IBATInstallation Breath Alcohol Technician (US Army)
IBATInternational Budget Adventure Traveler
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IBAT is an advanced disruptive technology company focused on lithium brine extraction.
Integrating appropriate watch list items and single points of failure into the IBAT would add both resiliency and predictability to the overall system and the PPBE process.
After the measurement of iBAT ANS activity, rats were euthanized by cardiac puncture.
In order to effect the transfer of the relevant oil field SAL intellectual property to IBAT, IBAT will acquire 100% of the issued and outstanding securities of SAL, in consideration of up to 25,309,488 common shares of IBAT.
Orexin A affects the temperature of IBAT, which is the most important effector of nonshivering thermogenesis in the rat, [14,30,31] illustrating that the rise in heat production is also due to the thermogenesis activation unrelated to muscle activity.
In fact, an Intracerebroventricular (icv) administration of orexin system induces an increase in the firing rate of the sympathetic nerves to interscapular brown adipose tissue (IBAT), accompanied with a rise in IBAT and colonic temperatures [21].
Expression of Mrp2 and Ibat mRNAs (encoding apical bile acid transporters) were down-regulated, whereas Mrp3 mRNA (encoding one of the basolateral bile acid transports) was up-regulated in the ileum of TCDF-treated mice (Figure 4K).
A past Chairman of the Independent Banker Association of Texas and an IBAT Leadership Excellence Award winner, Few has more than 30 years-experience in the banking industry.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-May 19, 2015-Stonecastle Financial added as IBAT endorsed service provider
The Independent Bankers Association of Texas (IBAT), a trade association, has demanded legislation that would reduce the burden on community banks when its customers are hit by hackers.
Battery current; Ibat is positive when battery is in charge (ch) mode and negative when it is in discharge (dch) mode.
(80.) Martial 3, 47, 1-6 Capena grandi porta qua pluit gutta/Phrygium que Matris Almo qua lavat ferrum,/Horatium qua viret sacer campus/et qua pusilli fervet Herculis fanum,/Faustine, plena Bassus ibat in raeda,/omnis beati copias trahens ruris.