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ICARUSIndustrial Computer Application Retrieval and Utility Systems
ICARUSImaging Cosmic and Rare Underground Signal
ICARUSIntegrated Computer Application for Recognizing User Services
ICARUSIncremental Construction and Reuse of Requirements Specifications (ESPRIT Project 2537)
ICARUSIndependent Confidential Aviation Reporting System
ICARUSIntercontinental Aerospace Range Unlimited System
ICARUSInvestigation of Cost and Reliability in Utility Systems
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(NASDAQ:AZPN) has launched a new release of Aspen Icarus, the process industry's standard software solution for investment analysis and economic evaluation in the design and construction of manufacturing plants.
The threat posed by Icarus actually is not serious.
Writers have variously attributed Icarus' disgrace to hubris, ambition, excessive dreaming, and the lure of instant gratification.
A blue supergiant star like Icarus burns bright and fast -- they only last about million years before exploding in a supernova and collapsing to form a black hole.
21 September 2017 - US-based IXI Technology Inc., and its IXI Technology Electronic Warfare, LLC subsidiary have acquired all of the stock and assets of California, US-based anti-drone technology specialist Icarus Technologies, Inc., the company said.
Icarus , streaming on Netflix now and playing in a limited theatrical engagement in the US, probably wouldn't have seen the light of day had it not been for a chance introduction.
Susan Anderson, relationship manager, the Chamber said: "Icarus is a really unique company and it is great that the North East has this type of facility on our door step.
But what Simon uncovers is a conspiracy stretching back to the Icarus Down herself.
When the heroine of this story and her best friend Clara are chosen to become a 'child of Icarus' and enter the maze that could lead them to paradise, they are happy with the honour.
The inevitable comparisons for Children of Icarus are The Hunger Games and Maze Runner series, and the story seems almost to rely on echoes of those books.