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ICEXIce Exercise (US Navy)
ICEXInstituto Español del Comercio Exterior
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In particular, the released data included additional echo soundings collected by American and British nuclear submarines and by six scientific submarine cruises in 1993-99 of the SCience ICe EXercise (SCICEX) project (Newton, 2000), which incorporated a specialized swath-mapping system on the submarine USS Hawkbill (Edwards and Coakley, 2003).
But, there is that one operational exercise that ties into almost every facet of the maritime strategy, but few are aware of: Ice Exercise (ICEX) in the Arctic Ocean.
Navy s 2014 Ice Exercise (ICEX) shows they provided nearly 150 hours of secure data connections.
The submarine force conducts Ice Exercises (ICEX) in the Arctic to ensure continued access to this unique region.
Navy and civilian scientists--the Science Ice Exercises (SCICEX) program.