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I suspect that before this flora was exterminated by the Glacial epoch, a few forms were widely dispersed to various points of the southern hemisphere by occasional means of transport, and by the aid, as halting-places, of existing and now sunken islands, and perhaps at the commencement of the Glacial period, by icebergs.
The blast smelt of icebergs, arctic seas, whales, and white bears, carrying the snow so that it licked the land but did not deepen on it.
Midway on the long sweep of the lower slope of the iceberg, what objects rise, and break the desolate monotony of the scene?
The iceberg drifts slowly, over the black water, through the ashy light.
The sleeper on the iceberg is the man who has robbed him of Clara--who has wrecked the hope and the happiness of his life.
The iceberg drifts slowly--over the black water; through the ashy light.
They kept watching as the crack in the shelf inched closer and closer to the edge before calving and effectively creating an iceberg this summer that was 2,200 square miles wide.
Icebergs have been modeled previously using Newton's second law (i.
The huge iceberg, which a week ago separated from Antarctica, began to move to the open sea, world agencies reported.
The rift in the Larsen C Antarctic ice shelf where one of the largest icebergs on record has broken away
Big icebergs break off Antarctica naturally, meaning scientists are not linking the rift to manmade climate change.
Dubai: An Abu Dhabi-based eco firm plans to tow icebergs to the UAE from Antarctica in early 2018 to harvest the ice for pure drinking water.