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I will only say that as far as regards the occurrence of identical species at points so enormously remote as Kerguelen Land, New Zealand, and Fuegia, I believe that towards the close of the Glacial period, icebergs, as suggested by Lyell, have been largely concerned in their dispersal.
Lyell, that the large quadrupeds lived subsequently to that period, when boulders were brought into latitudes at which icebergs now never arrive: from conclusive but indirect reasons we may feel sure, that in the southern hemisphere the Macrauchenia, also, lived long subsequently to the ice-transporting boulder-period.
The blast smelt of icebergs, arctic seas, whales, and white bears, carrying the snow so that it licked the land but did not deepen on it.
Midway on the long sweep of the lower slope of the iceberg, what objects rise, and break the desolate monotony of the scene?
The iceberg drifts slowly, over the black water, through the ashy light.
The sleeper on the iceberg is the man who has robbed him of Clara--who has wrecked the hope and the happiness of his life.
The iceberg drifts slowly--over the black water; through the ashy light.
The National Advisor Bureau plans to harvest icebergs from Heard Island, around 1000 kilometres off the coast of mainland Antarctica.
He says the idea of using icebergs as a source of water is no longer far-fetched.
New research, published today in the journal Nature Climate Change, has found that Antarctic icebergs can weaken and delay the effect of global warming in the Southern Hemisphere.
The villagers keep track of the icebergs on an interactive satellite tracking map put online by the provincial government.
With the rift making its way toward the other crack, scientists warned that an estimated 660 square miles of ice will break from the shelf, and while it may not make it to the "top 20 list" of Antarctica's biggest icebergs, it may be the largest iceberg to break from the Brunt Ice Shelf.