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References in classic literature ?
Fraulein Hedwig's favourite song was called Ich liebe dich, I love you; and one evening after she had sung this, when Philip was standing with her on the balcony, looking at the stars, it occurred to him to make some remark about it.
She, in his place, would have said "Ich liebe dich," but perhaps it was not his habit to open the heart.
(13) The German translation to "Ich liebe dich" works quite well, preserving not only the literal meaning, but also the number of syllables and the stress pattern of the original.
The 'harvest' was quite bountiful, judging by the exquisite rendition of the participants, such as boy soprano Jose Augusto Bernas, who sang Beethoven's 'Ich Liebe Dich.'
Notable examples of this are found at the end of Die drei Zigeuner and Ich liebe dich, where Liszt offers two different endings for performers to choose from.
I didn't speak a word of German but he did teach me one phrase, 'ich liebe dich' (I love you)."
Emine Emel Balcy's "Ich Liebe Dich," also part of the Turkish section, is a brilliant documentary about a class of women in southeast Turkey trying to learn German before they can be allowed to live with their husbands who work in Germany.
Mansell" to which the 24-year-old German responded "Ich liebe dich" or "I love you." "I was very happy to get pole because it was difficult.
"Nie noch fand ich das Weib, von dem ich Kinder mochte, es sei denn dieses Weib, das ich liebe: denn ich liebe dich, o Ewigkeit!
German - Ich liebe Dich; Italian - Ti amo; Spanish - Te amo; French - Je t'aime; Danish - Jeg elsker dig; Malay - Aku cinta padamu; Swahili - Ninakupend.
Kory Towska's Liebeslied, set by Berg in 1901-02, even has a philosophical love-reification of the beloved: 'Du bist das Gute, das Ding an sich, du bist die Schonheit, ich liebe dich' (!).
Ich liebe dich say the Germans, repeating exactly the same syntax as English.