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ICHIInternational Compendium of Health Indicators (health indicators collection and monitoring; now European Commuity Health Indicators Monitoring; Finland)
ICHIInternational Classification of Health Interventions
ICHIIndependent Commission on Health in India
ICHIIsolated Closed Head Injury
ICHIInpatient Care of Head Injuries
ICHIInternational Centre for HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) Innovation (University of Salford; UK)
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The bronze medals were earned by Sarra Trabelsi and Raja Mansour: ladies seniors doubles (LW2X), Rahma Gharbi, ladies juniors (W1x), Mohamed Amine Ben Gamra, (men's seniors singles), Abderrazek Kahia, Bilel Aouididi, Sobhi Khardan, Chamseddine El Ichi: men's seniors (LMx4), Sahbi Khardani and Chamseddine El Ichi: men's doubles (M2x) and Racha Soula and Rahma Ghabi at ladies' seniors doubles (W2x).
Mind you the bad guys do tend to give away their position by yelling as they charge at Ichi.
So Hannah decided she would have to find a new home for Ichi, who she used to take for walks on a lead.
" The 23-year-old bought Ichi from a North Yorks breeder two weeks ago after becoming besotted with a friend's skunk.
He said: "Ichi Beau only cost 2,800 guineas and that's his seventh win over fences for us.
This time it was Chinese Whisper on top of the podium, with Ichi Ban (Matt Allen) second overall, West Australia's M3(Peter Hickson) third, followed by two more of their gang, Celestial (Sam Haynes) and RKO, owned by newcomer Aaron Rowe, who is shaping up to be a hot prospect Chinese Whisper also won the ORCi class from Ichi Ben and Celestial, while Giacomo took out PHS from RKO and Chinese Whisper.
Matthew Welch (sixth Kyu ichi), Zac Ellerby (sixth Kyu san), Callum Taylor (sixth Kyu ni), Sam Holmes (sixth Kyu ni), Sean Clements (sixth Kyu san) Josh Wylie (sixth Kyu ichi), Noah Cadden (sixth Kyu san) and Jake Wylie (sixth Kyu ni).
But Ichi is pong-free according to Hannah who said: "She was de-scented a year ago.
In response to this knife, his Editorship, Roy said, "Ichi doesn't mess around when it comes to folders, and this is one serious folder.
Those who joined prolific young Nippon helmer Takashi Miike's growing legion of cult admirers after horror drama "Audition" will find a different -- albeit no less stomach-churning -- side to his talents in "Ichi the Killer." Completely over-the-top yakuza actioner -- featuring nonstop mayhem, gore, torture and S&M -- duly reflects its comic-book origins in both style and barely coherent narrative frenzy.
If his latest incarnation of Ichi Ban, the new Carkeek 60, is anything to go by, Allen has forged a formidable weapon and armed it with a highly experienced crew to give it their very best shot.
Ichi insists this is NOT his new Bianchi Cup pistol, but we have our suspicions.