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ICORInternational Consortium for Organizational Resilience (Lombard, IL)
ICORIncremental Capital-Output Ratio
ICORFirst Corinthians
ICORInterfaith Committee of Remembrance (New York, NY)
ICORInfantry Combat Regiment (US Army; Korean war era)
ICORIntelligent Cost Reduction
ICORIntergovernmental Conference on Oceanic Research
ICORIslamic Center of Redmond (Redmond, WA)
ICORInteragency Council for Ocean Resources
ICORInput, Control, Output, Resource
ICORIsrael Chamber Orchestra of Ramat-gan
ICORInstitute of Clinical Outcomes Research
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Caption: FIGURE 3: Incremental Capital-Output Ratio (ICOR) in China
The India CSR Outlook Report (ICOR) threw light on CSR spends of 359 companies, 35 public sector companies 5233 projects implemented.
It is quite clear that Indonesia's ICOR has been increasing quite significantly within the last 10 years.
(8.) ICOR or incremental capital output ratio is the ratio of investment to growth.
(OTCQB: ICOR) today announced that development of its core DADS[TM] (Driver Alertness Detection System[TM]) product has continued to advance, despite non-product challenges faced during 2015.
de Resistencia a Corriente de Velocidad de ensayo la polarizacion Rp corrosion Icor corrosion CR (Ohm.[cm.sup.2]) ([micron]A (mm/ano) /[cm.sup.2]) 1 125679 0,2073 0,0030 2 534 48,8038 0,7131# 3 495678 0,0526 0,0008 4 131233 0,1985 0,0029 5 95135 0,2738 0,0040 6 579 45,0194 0,6578# 7 376890 0,0691 0,0010 8 587111 0,0444 0,0006 9 171228 0,1521 0,0022 10 586 44,4721 0,6498# 11 578531 0,0450 0,0007 12 167288 0,1557 0,0023 13 131893 0,1975 0,0029 14 5556 4,6890 0,0685 15 495613 0,0526 0,0008 16 741295 0,0351 0,0005 # Bold NITINOL CORROSION UNDER FORCE STRESSES IN SIMULATED PHYSIOLOGICAL FLUID WITH AND WITHOUT FLUORIDES
(3.) Ebrahimi A, Gil Z, Amit M, et al; International Consortium for Outcome Research (ICOR) in Head and Neck Cancer.
referido a medicamento o agente sanioso--sa adj (Med) De(l) icor. (Med) De(l) icor (liquido fetido de una llaga o ulcera).
Analysts say, based on how much investment it takes to generate one percentage point of economic growth (incremental capital output ratio, or ICOR), it appears that the productivity of investment may be on the decline.
Having achieved ICOR accreditation for paint finishing, the company decided to invest in a state-of-the-art shot blasting, spray painting and spray baking facility from Riley Surface World.
Our very own Dave Anderson, who is kind of a competition guru, advised me they possibly could find use in ICOR: International Confederation of Revolver Enthusiasts, steel challenge or USPSA in the revolver division.