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According to the director, the optional programmes aim to meet the different individual needs of educators based on the identification of training needs through several sources including electronic questionnaires, specific focus groups and relevant departmental forms.
Without identification of training needs and willingness of employees, organizations could not improve their performances up to the actual standards.
The identification of training needs is the first step in a uniform method of instructional design, he added.
These committees are designed to assist schools in their efforts to raise academic achievement and address the difficulties and challenges faced, as well as the continuous analysis of the results of evaluation of students in all grades (1 - 12) and extract the indicators to be used in orientation and follow-up for schools and identification of training needs and development of the performance, as well as providing the educational governorates with the results of students at national and international levels.
Identification of training needs is the stepping-stone on which entire training is built.
According to the diagnosis outcome, despite the fact that since 1950s there have been numerous approaches to identification of training needs (4), abstracting from this complexity --the choice of tools used in examining training needs in the assumption sphere has been very stable.
He said: "CPD funding allows teachers to reflect on their own professional practice and take control of their development, through the identification of training needs and the design of a CPD programme in response.
Significant threads emerging from the conference presentations included debate and critical analysis of the identification of training needs, based on recent research findings and empirical evidence.
Plan to integrate the identification of training needs
A more robust approach was needed in order to make the identification of training needs more systematic.
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