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IFOInFOrmation (file extension format for DVD burning)
IFOInova Fair Oaks (hospital; Virginia)
IFOIn Front Of
IFOIntegrated Financial Operations
IFOInstitute of Financial Operations (Orlando, FL)
IFOInformation File
IFOIdentified Flying Object
IFOIndian Forensic Organisation
IFOIntermediate Fuel Oil (used in maritime industry to designate a fuel grade)
IFOIndependent Football Ombudsman (UK)
IFOInstitut für Wirtschaftsforschung An der Universität München (German: Institute for Economic Research at the University of Munich)
IFOIntegrated Finance Organization
IFOIncome From Operations
IFOInternational Fighting Organization (mixed martial arts)
IFOInternational Field Office (FAA)
IFOInformation Systems Office (various locations)
IFOInternational Forensic Organization (India)
IFOIntensive Field Observation
IFOInstitut for Forskning I Idræt og Folkelig Oplysning (Denmark)
IFOIncident Free Operations (industry goal)
IFOInternational Financial Organization
IFOInformation For Offerers
IFOIntegral Part of the Relative Frequency Offset Equation
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The incident spawned off an exhibition titled Identified Flying Objects , where Hammad used images of herself from various vantage points, to demonstrate the fear that is pervasive in conflict- ridden societies.
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