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ISAPIp Service on Any Port
ISAPIdentifier Splitting Algorithm Combined with Polling
ISAPInternet Secure Atm Payments
ISAPInfo Security Automation Program
ISAPInternational Symposium on Antennas and Propagation (IEICE Conference)
ISAPInternational Society of Acrylic Painters (est. 1995)
ISAPInternal Substance Abuse Program
ISAPIndividual Student Assessment Plan
ISAPInternational Society for Aviation Photography (est. 2001)
ISAPIntelligent Systems Applications to Power Systems (IEEE International Conference)
ISAPInternational Society for Anaesthetic Pharmacology
ISAPIndex to South African Periodicals
ISAPImmigration Settlement and Adaptation Program (Canada)
ISAPInternet Self-Assessment in Pharmacology
ISAPIntegrated Systems Acquisition Project
ISAPInternational STEP Automotive Project
ISAPIndividual System Automation Plan
ISAPInformation System Architecture Plan
ISAPInformation Security Analysis Program
ISAPIP Service on Any Port (Cisco)
ISAPIntegrated Social Action Plan
ISAPIndependent Shaped Arrival Processes
ISAPIdentifier Splitting Algorithm with Polling Scheme