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IDETInternational Workshop on Interactive Digital Entertainment Technologies (est. 2008)
IDETInnovazione Diagnostica e Terapeutica (Italian: Innovation Diagnostics and Therapeutics)
IDETIntegrated Digital Environment Transition
IDETIntradiscal Electrothermal Therapy
IDETIntradiscal Electrothermal Annuloplasty
IDETIntra-Discal Electrothermal Therapy
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Even though spondylodiscitis developing after IDET is a rare complication, it is also a clinical condition that needs to be thought in the patients whose complaints increase and clinically do not recover after the procedure.
The production and reception of Ankara and Idet novaia Turtsiia demonstrate the ways that Soviets and Turks negotiated representations--ones that we might condemn as Soviet orientalism--for their own purposes.
One common difficulty identified by patients treated with basal insulin, ie, NPH, IDet, IGlar U-100 or U-300, is the need to administer the dose at the same time every day.
Den naive laesning tydeliggjorde, at KOL-patienter og parorende var udfordrede i deres muligheder for aktiv deltagelse i behandlingsforlobet, idet de samtidig stod overfor at skulle handtere usikkerhed og bekymring i forbindelse med oget andenod, angst og traethed.
Evidence shows that IDET as a treatment is moderate in managing chronic discogenic low back pain.
IDET is a safe procedure with fewer complications arising in not more than 20 per cent of people going for it.
Neither complementary and alternative medicine, nor surgical procedures like Chymopapain like injection, IDET, discectomy and fusion have withstood scientific testing for their effectiveness.
sElias recommended an endoscopie discectomy at L3-L4 and L4-L5 and the IDET procedure at L5-S1, as soon as possible.
Poniatno, chto delo idet ne ob abstraktnyh demokraticheskih idealah.
There is no report of IDET being performed simultaneously at more than three discs (3,4).
01 (a) Energy [degrees]C Diet Utilized (%) 15[degrees]C FM 74 CO 73 SW 60 18[degrees]C FM 94 CO 93 SW 64 22[degrees]C FM 82 CO 84 SW 71 Fishmeal diet (FM), commercial diet (CO) and seaweed idet (SW), at 15[degrees], 18[degrees] and 22[degrees]C of culture.