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IDSEInitial Distribution System Evaluation
IDSEInternational Data Switching Exchange (ITU-T)
IDSEIntegrated Development Support Environment (software)
IDSEIMSS (Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social) Desde Su Empresa (Spanish: Mexican Social Security Institute From Your Company; Mexico)
IDSEInfectious Disease Surveillance and Epidemiology (Department of State Health Services; Texas)
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Address : Anil Kumar Idse Ge (P) No 1 Leh C/O 56 Apo
Table 1: Responses of Amla tissue explants to different culture media Explant Responses to different types of culture media after 30 days Type CM-1 CM-2 CM-3 CM-4 CM-5 Cotyledon Expansion DSE DSE + IDSE IDSE Browned Hypocotyl Expansion Callused Callused IDSE Browned Epycotyl Expansion Callused Callused IDSE Browned Leaf No response Expansion Expansion Callused Browned CM/1= Hormone/free MS; CM/2= MS+ 1 mg/l 2,4/D; CM/3= MS+1 mg/l 2,4/D+ 0.