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IDSEInitial Distribution System Evaluation
IDSEInternational Data Switching Exchange (ITU-T)
IDSEIntegrated Development Support Environment (software)
IDSEIMSS (Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social) Desde Su Empresa (Spanish: Mexican Social Security Institute From Your Company; Mexico)
IDSEInfectious Disease Surveillance and Epidemiology (Department of State Health Services; Texas)
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Moreover, he facilitated the activation of the AFP Systems Engineering Office (AFPSEO) and the AFP International Military Affairs Center (AFP IMAC) to rationalize the Defense and Armed Forces Attache postings and other IDSE commitments.
Table 1: Responses of Amla tissue explants to different culture media Explant Responses to different types of culture media after 30 days Type CM-1 CM-2 CM-3 CM-4 CM-5 Cotyledon Expansion DSE DSE + IDSE IDSE Browned Hypocotyl Expansion Callused Callused IDSE Browned Epycotyl Expansion Callused Callused IDSE Browned Leaf No response Expansion Expansion Callused Browned CM/1= Hormone/free MS; CM/2= MS+ 1 mg/l 2,4/D; CM/3= MS+1 mg/l 2,4/D+ 0.1 mg/l K; CM/4= MS+10mg/l 2,4/D+1 mg/l K; CM/5= MS+100 mg/l 2,4/D + 1 mg/l K; DSE= Direct Somatic Embryogenesis; IDSE= Indirect Somatic Embryogenesis (Somatic embryogenesis via callus).
This is the second International Defense and Security Engagement (IDSE) that the Philippine Navy will participate in this year.