IeMRCInnovative electronics Manufacturing Research Centre (UK)
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de primer orden con indicadores reflectivos CONSTRUCTO Cargas Alpha Fiabilidad Varianza [Indicador) (A) Cronbach Compuesta Extraida Media (AVE) IMPORTANCIA 0,7249 0,8410 0,6450 IEMRC (I1) 0,8990 IEMRD (I2) 0,5851 IEMRE (I3) 0,8856 EXITO 0,7909 0,8590 0,6080 IEMRF (El) 0,7407 IEMRG (E2) 0,9039 IEMRH (E3) 0,8242 IEMRI (E4) 0,6234 MOTIVACION 0,8833 0,9200 0,7440 IEMRJ (M1) 0,8875 IEMRK (M2) 0,8839 IEMRL (M3) 0,9137 IEMRM (M4) 0,7566 Tabla: Madero, S.
Collected serum and urine samples were both frozen at-20 0C in the IEMRC laboratory.
Our study was conducted in accordance with the ethical standards of the IEMRC Committee on Human Experimentation and with the Helsinki Declaration.