IELInstituto Euvaldo Lodi (Portuguese: Euvaldo Lodi Institute, Brazil)
IELInstituto de Estudos da Linguagem (Portuguese: Institute of Language Studies, Brazil)
IELInternational English Language (various locations)
IELInstitute for Educational Leadership
IELInstitute for Extended Learning
IELInternal Elastic Lamina
IELIntraepithelial Lymphocyte
IELIEEE Electronic Library
IELInstitute of the Estonian Language (est. 1993; Estonia)
IELInduction Electrical Log (oil exploration)
IELIndo-European Language
IELInformation Exchange List
IELIndustries et Équipements Laliberté (Quebec, Canada)
IELInclusive E-Learning (workshop)
IELIndependent Electron
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As at 30 September 2017, IEL had an unaudited carried value of GBP 9.9m.
Other classical histological findings are crypt hyperplasia, decreased villous height, crypt length ratio, loss of surface enterocytes, which can be focal or complete and increased number of intra-epithelial lymphocytes (IELs).
Intraepithelial lymphocytosis was typically present, with a mean IEL count of approximately 77 per 100 epithelial cells.
This Article contends that sanctions are part of IEL and they warrant more rigorous consideration in IEL scholarship.
For instance, patients with NCGS show increased levels of Toll-like receptors- (TLR-) 2 and toll-like receptors- (TLR-) 4, which are receptors activated by nonself-antigens during innate immune response and overexpression of alpha and beta intraepithelial lymphocytes (IELs) [4].
Internal Elastic Lamina (IEL) defects before penetration of the durmater and near the branching of the PICA may be related to the development of dissection at these sites.
International Disaster Law (IDL) and International Environmental Law (IEL) have developed as two separate subsets of public international law.
Farah added that IEL plans to expand trade activities to include Arab youths from a variety of specializations which will help in securing job opportunities for young businessmen all over the world.
It is important to recall that the current International Economic Law ("IEL") regime has been construed considering the ideas and promises of growth and economic development for all, including developing countries, as states are bound by such promises allegedly made in good faith.
DAN DA IEL STURRIDGE made a timely comeback to win Hugh Mackie of Ayr PS375 for absolutely hee-haw.