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Iele are spirits of women that had been put a spell on and this is the reason they cannot live a quiet normal life because God had forgotten about them;
Iele are daughters of Rusalim-Imparat (Rusalim Emperor) whose servants got Christianised, but the girls did not, and this is why they hated all Christians and chose to live in the woods or in remote fields;
Iele, in other regions, were the daughters of Alexander the Great (the popular mentality gives them some names: Catrina, Zalina, Marina) who found a bottle with magic water that gave them everlasting youth, they drank it and started to fly, trying to find the fantastic horse their father had had, the one that was able to fly because it had drunk the same water.
But they drank the water, they became immortals and grew wings on their backs and they liberated themselves by flying their way out through the windows, becoming Iele.
The last hypothesis (the most influenced by the Christian believes) describes Iele as being either wonderful young women changed into very old and ugly, or the other way around, awful old ugly women that became extremely beautiful and young, being always in love; the act of metamorphosis comes as a consequence of a mistake, of disobeying God or the Devil, who cursed them to change their looks until they will be forgiven.
Those Iele that appear as good-looking, sensual, always in love turn unmarried young men mad, they get to madly fall in love with them, and they spend their lives trying to get them, to find these feminine creatures, they run day and night looking for them into the woods, resting sometimes in intersections where they might come to rest and to dance.
When Iele appear as old ugly women (not that frequent, though), they use the same means of attraction as the young and beautiful ones.
The groups of Iele always appear in odd numbers: 3 the ugly ones, 7 or 9 the beautiful ones.
This is precisely why the remedy against the Iele could only be a mythical magical gesture--for the collective traditional mentality: the dance, the poems and the using of sole elements of purification.
Par rapport au charme ravissant des Iele et a la grande puissance de stima, Vailva--ou Valve, au pluriel--sont moins precisees.
Ce rajout est important, car les iele sont des divinites feminines, incarnant la feminite-chimere.