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The results show that in Discover the Place Where You Feel Reborn campaign, national identity discourses are constructed by appealing to traditions (a man creating a traditional clay pot, the presence of the Romanian "evil fairies" known as "iele"), religion (painted monasteries, a nun playing the semantron), culture (Brancusi's Endless Column) and architecture (the medieval Sighisoara, Bran Castle).
"Iele" is the name of "evil fairies" in Romanian mythology.
Iele are to be expected especially in the moonlight, dancing in circles in remote places (meadows, lakes, river shores, intersections of paths, abandoned villages or even into the sky), dancing naked or dressed into chain mails or covered into transparent veils wearing small bells around the feet." (1)
The generic profile of the Iele is to be found in the legends or the superstitions of the Romanians, but into a rich variety, differing from one region of the country to the other.
Some of the most fascinating and rich reflections of this collective national imaginary explain the origins of Iele:
Iele are spirits of women that had been put a spell on and this is the reason they cannot live a quiet normal life because God had forgotten about them;
Iele are daughters of Rusalim-Imparat (Rusalim Emperor) whose servants got Christianised, but the girls did not, and this is why they hated all Christians and chose to live in the woods or in remote fields;
Les iele dansent dans des clairieres rondes, autour d'un sapin (ou autour d'un pommier epais (1)) qui, tel que plusieurs chercheurs l'ont remarque, est, dans le sens hermetique de la mythologie folklorique, un axis mundi, un essieu du monde; ce que probablement les chercheurs n'ont pas remarque est que la danse des Iele a une signification centripete, non seulement de rotation en cercle ferme, mais aussi de contrainte, exercee sur le monde, a un mouvement perpetuel, en l'empechant, de la sorte, a s'evanouir dans un mouvement centrifuge (existant dans la tendance physique de toute rotation naturelle) qui le dissoudrait dans l'inexistence.
Les Pentecotes, confondues parfois totalement avec les Iele, sont aussi des esprits de l'air, qui peuvent provoquer des tempetes qui detruisent des maisons, qui arrachent les linges poses a secher ou enlevent des enfants.
Par rapport au charme ravissant des Iele et a la grande puissance de stima, Vailva--ou Valve, au pluriel--sont moins precisees.
* Ce rajout est important, car les iele sont des divinites feminines, incarnant la feminite-chimere.