IFPRInternational Foundation for Production Research
IFPRInstitute for Public Relations
IFPRInstitute for Psychic Reform (band)
IFPRIntegrated Forest Products Refinery
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Then (A,[[delta].sub.A]) is an IFCR of (X,[delta]) but not an IFPR.
Then (A,[[delta].sub.A]) is said to be an IF-neighbourhood-perfectly retract (resp., IF-neighbourhood completely retract) (resp., IF-nbd PR, IF-nbd CR, for short) of (X,[delta]) if (A,[[delta].sub.A]) is an IFPR (resp., IFCR) of (Y,Sy) such that A [subset] Y [subset] X, [1.sub.Y] [member of] [delta].
(i) Every IFPR is an IF-nbd PR, but the converse is not true.
"In conjunction with USAID [US Agency for International Development] and ICARDA [International Centre for Agriculture Research in the Dry Area], the office will produce scientific evidence and build national capacity to raise incomes of the poor in rural areas and improve food and nutrition security in Egypt," the IFPR said in an official statement.
The IFPR's general director Shenggen Fan said the research from the institution will "bring a renewed focus and enthusiasm to eliminating malnutrition and improving food security for the people of Egypt and the entire Middle East".
In addition, continuing education could be offered through the IFPR and the PRSI.
(56.) Interview with Adity Syam, Executive Trustee, IFPR. Calcutta, India, 24 September 1999.
(II) Grupo de Estudos em Aquicultura e Gastronomia do Pescado (GETAG), Instituto Federal do Parana (IFPR), Foz do Iguacu, PR, Brasil.