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An international consensus statement on ANCA in 1999 recommended that screening be performed with IFA using both ethanol-fixed neutrophils and formalin-fixed neutrophils, and that EIA be performed on positive IFA samples.
We also cultured MK-DIECs in 96-well plates and similarly infected them with PEDV for the detection of PEDV nucleoprotein (NP) by IFA using fluorescein isothiocyanate-labeled mouse PEDV NP monoclonal antibody (SD-1F; Medgene Labs, Brookings, SD, USA).
The combined results of dsDNA, ANA Symphony, and the 7 subantigens constituted the EIA-combined assay, and the combined results of IFA using HEp-2000 cells from two laboratories constituted the HEp-2000-combined assay.
Out of 580 wild-caught mosquitoes from 124 pools tested for virus using antigen capture ELISA and an insect-bioassay (inoculation into Toxorhynchites splendens larvae and identification by IFA using Japanese encephalitis (JE) virus-specific monoclonal antibody), four flavivirus isolations were made, of which 2 (50%) were identified as JE virus, one each from Culex tritaeniorhynchus and Cx.
For serologic diagnosis, serum samples were tested for rickettsial-specific antibodies by IFA using whole cell antigens of R.
([dagger]) +, ++, and +++ indicate the relative amount of positive cells observed in IFA using fluorescence microscope: individual positive cells observed <10% (+), 10-50% of the cells positive (++), 50%-100% of the cells positive (+++).