IFQInvitation For Bids
IFQIndividual Fishing Quota
IFQIslamic Finance Qualification
IFQInterface Queue (wireless networks)
IFQIndependent Film Quarterly
IFQInternational Final Qualifying (The Open Championship; golfing)
IFQInstitut für Forschungsinformation und Qualitätssicherung (Institute for Research Information and Quality Assurance; Bonn, Germany)
IFQIssued for Quotation (construction)
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The IFQ proposal features an eight-week rotation plan with six configurations arranged to alternate each week between parallel and diagonal runways, rotating east flow and west flow.
For example, some rationalization programs (such as the Pacific Halibut and Sablefish IFQ Program) have had explicit management goals of retaining a local owner/operator fleet.
In 2009, NMFS submitted the IFQ fishery plan--GMP Amendment 20--to the Secretary of Commerce.
The aim of criterion IFQ is to assess the contribution of the system to improving functional qualifications.
Dave Ross has reached many people through his IFQ movement.
The new pathway is designed to introduce two new levels of qualifications around the already existing CISI Islamic Finance Qualification (IFQ) Level 3.
The IFQ system is the darling of EDF, and NMFS routinely sings its praises: improved safety as commercial fishers can choose which days to fish; improved prices for the catch by spreading out the landings through the year.
Parameter Value Area of sensor field 400 x 400 [m.sup.2] Number of sensor nodes 53 Radio range of sensor nodes 40 m IFQ length 200 Transmit power 0.660 W Receive power 0.395 W Total time taken 10.04 ms Packet length 64 bytes Number of sink node 1 TABLE 3: Average delay calculation.
Two-time Open champion Padraig Harrington said: "Those three events will attract some quality players who would not otherwise have entered - it's a nice boost for the European Tour from the R&A." The new system replaces International Final Qualifying (IFQ), which was introduced in 2004 and involved 36-hole qualifying events in Australasia, Asia, Africa, America and Europe.
The IFQ is a ground-breaking qualification that covers Islamic finance from both a technical and Shari'a perspective, providing the first international benchmark in the area of Islamic finance.
Pol'y 583, 584 (2012) (reporting the red snapper IFQ program
Simply Sharia Human Capital (SSHC) plans to offer the Islamic Finance Qualification (IFQ) in collaboration with prominent Gulf-based Sharia advisor Shariyah Review Bureau (SRB).