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IGORIndoor GPS OLogic Robot
IGORIntercept Ground Optical Recorder
IGORInternet-Guided Offline Recreation
IGORInternational Grandmasters of the Roundtable
IGORInteractive Generation of Organic Reactions
IGORIsraeli Gathering of Roleplayers (Roleplaying convention hosted by the Israeli Roleplaying Society)
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Opening the meeting, Igor Chemeris reminded the audience of the problems that residents of the city voiced at the meeting with the deputy and representatives of the health department on the eve of the new year.
When Igor Matich's family moved to New Zealand from Croatia In 1995, 15-year-old Igor had many harsh, and often brutal, realities of war Imprinted In his mind.
Founder of Foundation "Initiative for the Future," patron Igor Iankovskyi said the high level of professionalism with which the creative process came organizers and volunteers "are the movies filmed children are flush with the short films presented at Cannes or Berlin film festivals.
But in an exclusive interview, Igor said he would love dancer Kristina, 37, to quit and find the right man to have children with.
They include Larisa Kalanda, Yuri Kalinin, Didier Casimiro, Peter Lazarev, Igor Pavlov and Andrey Votinov, the oil firm said.
Igor was employed as an Electrician apprentice, working on many construction projects in the Worcester area.
Igor Shatz has strong industrial experience from various general management roles.
Although this rule needs no further clarification, that didn't stop Igor from adding 2 corollaries:
Three dogs were quickly loaded into the car, but Igor refused.
Ten years on, Igor ( he owes his Balkan name to a character of a movie his parents loved) has a coveted Michelin star for his 35- seater restaurant, La Credenza, which is at San Maurizio Canavese, a village of 5,000 about 15km from Torino in the direction of the airport.
Igor, a Category 2 storm on the five point Saffir-Simpson hurricane wind scale, was headed northwest with winds of up to 160 kilometres per hour, the US National Hurricane Centre said in its 8pm (0000 GMT) bulletin on Saturday.
HAMILTON, Sept 19 (TAP) - Hurricane Igor pummeled Bermuda with tropical storm force winds and squalls on Sunday as it bore down on the Atlantic island chain, which braced for a direct hit from one of the worst hurricanes to menace it.