IHUInstituto Humanitas Unisinos (Portuguese: Humanities Institute; Brazil)
IHUInstitut Hospitalo-Universitaire (French: University Hospital Institute)
IHUInternal Hostile Unstructured
IHUInternational Hellenic University (Thessaloniki, Greece)
IHUI Hear You
IHUI Hate You
IHUInnen-Hochdruck-Umformung (hydroforming)
IHUIntegrated Helmet Unit
IHUI Heart You
IHUInternational Harvardian University
IHUIndividual Housing Unit
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(10) nacese moliti i begin.IND.AOR.ACT.3RD.PL beg.INF.PRES.ACT he.ACC.3RD.SG otiti otu predelu ihu go.INF.PRES.ACT from border.GEN.PL they.GEN.3RDPL '[They] began beg him to go away from their borders.' Similarly, if se was a pronoun, it should become the subject of passive clauses, which occasionally appear in OCS.
A version of this paper was prepared for and delivered to the V Latin American Colloquium of Biopolitics, III International Colloquium of Biopolitics and Education, and XVII International Symposium IHU: Knowledge and practices in the constitution of the modern subject (Saberes e Praticas na Constituicao dos Sujeitos na Contemporaneidade), The University of Vale do Rio dos Sinos (Unisinos), as part of an initiative by the Instituto Humanitas Unisinos (IHU) along with the Education, Philosophy and Health graduate programs of Unisinos and Education graduate program of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), September 2124, 2015.
In June, Phan was interviewed for IHU On-Line, a publication of the Humanitas Institute Unisino, which is part of Unisinos, a Jesuit university in southern Brazil.
The IHU algorithm has been shown to be fast, scalable, and accurate, with the potential of being deployable in real-time.
Imam Hossein University (IHU) is the home of the IRGC's advanced military education programs--equivalent to the American war colleges and National Defense University.
"Lee Myung-bak Jeongbu ui Daebuk Jeongchaek kwa Cheonanham Sageon ihu Nambuk Kwangyeo" [The Lee Myung-bak government's policy toward North Korea and inter-Korean relations after the Cheonan incident].
Isso, na visao de Jacobi (IHU, 2012), barra qualquer estrategia planetaria de conservacao do meio ambiente.
Grains were hulled (Satake, IHU) and milled (Grainman 60-230-60-2AT), and machines were previously adjusted to avoid breaking of grains and excessive removal of bran.
10 m from the point of fish capture to the shore) located in the northern portion of the lake (mean depth = 1.4 m); (2) Pacanda Island (PAC) is a limnetic zone (more than 30 m from the point of fish capture to the closest shore) adjacent to an island in the center of the lake (mean depth = 6 m); (3) Ucasanastacua (UCA) is a littoral zone located halfway between the northern and southern most sections of the lake (mean depth = 2 m); (4) Napizaro (NAP) is a limnetic zone located in the southern portion of the lake (mean depth = 2.5 m); (5) Ihuatzio (IHU) is a littoral zone located in the southern portion of the lake (mean depth = 1.9 m); (6) Embarcadero (EMB) is a littoral zone located in the southern portion of the lake, adjacent to the Patzcuaro City (mean depth = 1 m) (Fig.
The study was conducted at the paediatric consultant outpatient clinic of the Ife Hospital Unit (IHU) of the OAUTHCIleIfe, Osun State, Nigeria.
aasta parandiraamatu sissekandele lisatud markusest selgub, et Puha Olavi vikaariat peeti "Issanda Ihu ees".