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IJOSInternational Journal of Okinawan Studies (University of the Ryukyus; Japan)
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Four years later, some members of Ijos formed another group and called themselves Amo, a band that has conquered Rock Wars and band explosion competitions.
Even though I was very much aware of the importance of having children among the Ijo, until this experience I did not fully realize what a tremendous difference it made for a woman to be recognized as a mother and as a mother who has given birth.
Uncircumcised women can not be buried in the town land since the Ijo believe that this will cause the fertility of the earth to diminish.
The abiku phenomenon is quite popular in West African oral tradition especially amongst the different ethnic groups of Nigeria, particularly the Yorubas, the Igbos and the Ijos. Due to its popularity, many Nigerian and other West African writers have drawn on this rich cultural resource as a way to express their national identities.
Soy casado tengo a mi esposa tengo 50 anos mi esposa 49 tenemos 7 ijos grandes todos campecinos joranleros y agricultores.
(1987), Robertson (1993) et Kouwenberg (1994) reconnaissent beaucoup de traits morphosyntaxiques ijos. Ce creole (s'il en est un(16)) se serait developpe dans des conditions ou la presence ijo aurait ete tant primaire que dominante, selon les auteurs.
At the age of 15, he succeeded in becoming the lead singer of the Ijos Band and sang at Shakey's Taft Avenue restaurant.
In later years a group called Ijos would play there, fronted by a powerhouse singer named Arnel Pineda.