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IIImus Institute
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IIIcyIcy (band)
IIInformation Indicator Digits (telecommunications)
IIInterim Isolated
IIInfinite Innovation Ltd (IT/Internet solution company)
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Lee Phipps of Sudbury is an avid gardener and drove 45 minutes to take in the Ikebana International Exhibition at Tower Hill on its opening day on Friday.
6 Ikebana International presents Working in Glass in the Moss Hall at the Moorings Presbyterian Church.
Ikebana International presents Hanakotoba, the Language of Flowers Exhibit, 10 a.
Ikebana Jordan Chapter*The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan awarded Jordan Chapter of Ikebana International the Foreign Minister's Commendation for its contributions to the deepening of friendship and mutual understanding between Japan and Jordan through the promotion of Japanese art of Ikebana.
Friday, March 18, 2005 Birmingham Chapter of Ikebana International, demonstration by Margaret Jenkinson of the Ichiyo School.
Tour of three Japanesegardens, by Sacramento Chapter, Ikebana International.
I received an invitation to "Harmony in Diversity," the 48th annual exhibit of Ikebana International, Manila Chapter 108, from its former president, Architect Nonette Hubilla.
The week-long event is being organised by the Consulate General of Japan in Karachi in collaboration with the Pakistan-Japan Cultural Association Sindh, Ikebana International Karachi Chapter, a posh hotel in Karachi and some other organisations.
15 Ikebana International, Naples Chapter, presents a luncheon and demonstration of ikebana at Grey Oaks Country Club ikebananaples.
Ichiyo flower arranging demonstration sponsored by Ikebana International Chapter No.
The event was jointly organised by the Consulate-General of Japan in Karachi and Ikebana International, Karachi Chapter.
Birmingham Chapter of Ikebana International, Japanese Flower Arranging with demonstrations by Margaret Dams and Joan Wilkinson of the Sogetsu School.