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ILRSInternational Laser Ranging Service (NASA)
ILRSInternational League of Religious Socialists
ILRSInternational Leibniz Research School (Germany)
ILRSImmigration Lawyer Referral Service (American Immigrant Lawyers Association)
ILRSInk Level Restore System (printing)
ILRSIL-4 (Interleukin-4) Response Sequence (molecular biology)
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To measure the amount of IL-4 protein secreted into the supernatant, we suspended mast cells in complete DMEM at a density of [10.
To investigate the effect of feed restriction on the balance of Th1 and Th2 cytokines, the protein levels of IL-2, IFN[Gamma], IL-4, and IL-10 in serum and in BAL fluid as well as the mRNA levels of IL-2, IFN[Gamma], IL-4, and IL-5 in pulmonary lymph nodes were assessed.
For example, the Japanese group calculates that its cells each possess about 2,800 gamma chains, nearly all of which become unavailable when the scientists add IL-2, leaving none for IL-4.
Because pathological levels of IL-1, IL-4, IL-6 and IL-13 seem to contribute to a variety of disease states, these Cytokine Traps have the potential to be important therapeutic agents.