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ILIMAInternational Licensing Industry Merchandisers' Association
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As Ilima scanned the latest research and interviewed experts, she found compelling new thinking on the nature of pain.
The Tolais can also count more than ten, for example, a ura vinunu (twenty), a utula vinunu (thirty), a ivati na vinunu (forty), a ilima na vinunu (fifty), a lapikai na vununu (sixty), a lavurua na vununu (seventy), a lavutulu na vinunu (eighty), a lavuvati na vinunu (ninety), tikana mari (one hundred).
10th Annual The Honolulu Advertiser 'Ilima Awards, Diamond Head Theatre, 6:30 to 10 p.m.
One example is the Soweto-based community group iLima that is currently building community-based zero waste programs, including collection of materials separated for composting, reuse and sales to recycling agencies.
Shuttleservice is available through Ilima Transportation at (808) 836-188t or VIP Transportation at (866) 836-0317.
NOEL RICHARDSON is the student services coordinator at Ilima Intermediate School in Ewa Beach, Hawaii and a member of the NEA's IDEA cadre, which helps state and local Associations.
Ilima Walker, 2, joins older girls in a Hawaiian dance at the Asian Celebration on Sunday at the Lane County Fairgrounds.
- Halau Hula O Lehua Ilima (Bonnie Kaauwai, choreographer)
Joining the hula troupe, Halau Niohala Ilima, had been the latest activity in Kauhane's longtime effort to rediscover her Hawaiian roots.