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"Deviceworx is thrilled to be partnered with iLink Systems given how well we complement each other's capabilities.
iLink Systems is a Microsoft-managed Gold Level Platform, Productivity and Licensing Partner with ISO 9001 and CMMI Level 3 certifications.
Customers using MG iLink will also be able to step into a pre-cooled vehicle during the summer, using the application to turn on the engine, and consequently the air conditioning, in advance of getting into the car.
Talking about iLink's HealthVault solutions, Anand Gaddum - Health and Life Science Practice Director at iLink said "With people's health information decentralized and isolated, it is difficult for patients and their families to manage and share health information.
During the 2009-2010 school year, we received feedback from our patrons that they were having difficulty finding the material that they needed with iLink, which was our OPAC at the time.
These forums have produced an endless list of standards, including: IEEE 802.11 (popularly known as Wi-Fi, a wireless digital interconnect); IEEE 1394 (also known as Sony iLink or Apple Firewire high bandwidth digital interconnect), and TCP/IP Internet communications protocol (IETF).
That unit has an ILink input that will transport digital SACD provided you have an ILink output on your SACD player.
Agility's solution, powered by Agility's iLink middleware software, provides manufacturers of food and drink with the ability to accurately identify and locate stock at any point in the supply chain process, including manufacturing, warehousing and distribution.
Simon Storey, business development director at Agility, said: "Our iLink platform is helping two international clients to manage highly complex logistical operations.
A key component of iSurety is iLink, a new technology that gives the ADIC service team secure, remote access both to ADIC's platform diagnostics and to diagnostic data from the surrounding storage ecosystem.
It purchased the assets of iLink, a Utah-grown company and one of the nation's early pioneers in VoIP.