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IDDEIllicit Discharge Detection and Elimination (wastewater control)
IDDEIntegrated Document Development Environment
IDDEIntegrated Development and Debugging Environment
IDDEInstructional Design, Development & Evaluation (education)
IDDEIntegrated Digital Data Environment (US Navy ILS)
IDDEIntronic Distal Downstream Enhancer
IDDEIsadora Duncan Dance Ensemble (Miami, FL)
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Tenders are invited for Contractor to analyze environmental samples collected by the inspection and enforcement branch of water quality as part of the illicit discharge detection and elimination program and the MS4 FacilitiesInspection and Enforcement program.
5 Stormwater Phase II Final Rule- Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination Minimum Control Measure 1 (rev.
Request for Proposal: Illicit discharge detection and elimination project for the white river basin
Phase II requires that an illicit discharge detection and elimination program be established.
Conduct dry weather screening for illicit discharge detection and elimination in accordance with SWMPP requirements 11.
The draft permit requires implementation of six minimum control measures which include illicit discharge detection and elimination, public education and outreach, public participation, management of construction site runoff, management of runoff from new development and redevelopment, and good housekeeping in municipal operations.