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The LP37 Series Illuminated Pushbutton Switch features multiple LED colors and right angle termination.
CIT Relay & Switch has introduced its CH Series lighted, LED illuminated pushbutton switch.
In addition, the Elum illuminated pushbutton switch (shown) is similarly environmentally friendly.
The right angle C & K ELUM[TM] illuminated pushbutton switch from ITT Industries, Cannon features an LED built into its actuator, eliminating the need for separate LED and light pipe on the PC board.
Shogyo International Corporation has announced its line of illuminated pushbutton switches that are designed for use in a variety of applications including medical equipment, audio/video systems, household electronics, sound containing equipment, CNC equipment, computers and peripherals.
With the increasing demand for reliable, long-life switches, NKK Switches developed the FP Series of contactless illuminated pushbutton switches and established a new ultra-high efficient solution for demanding industrial and gaming applications that require a robust and dependable solution.
Brighter LEDs have been designed for YB, LB, and KB Series illuminated pushbutton switches.
The snap-feel illuminated pushbutton switches feature gold-plated contacts and interchangeable lenses with clear top cover, black opaque sides, and legend plates (red standard).
HMI Components offered by EAO include award winning pushbuttons, illuminated pushbuttons, indicators, mushroom head pushbuttons, certified emergency stop switches, stop switches, and keylocks.
Illuminated pushbuttons (a combination of fixed and assignable) present other commonly used functions.
Illuminated pushbuttons on the TPS-6X provide quick access to volume adjustment, channel selection and on-screen menu navigation.
Six illuminated pushbuttons provide access to a range of audio 'modifiers' - instant dimming of the volume, muting of each audio channel, stereo-to-mono conversion, phase inversion and Middle+Side transcoding.