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Illyrians were an ancient people that inhabited roughly the Western Balkans since the first millennium B.
The oldest architectural monuments in Albania date from the 1st millennium BC and were constructed by the Illyrians.
Shakespeare's 'Bargulus, the Strong Illyrian Pirate.
The mixing of Serb and Illyrian blood gave one of the most noble anthropological alloys in Europe, the so-called 'Dinaric' or 'Adriatic' race.
Merimee's La Guzla (The Gusle, a stringed instrument of the Balkans; 1827) poses as a translation of "authentic" Illyrian folk ballads and tales, including the (fictional) collector's first-person account of an encounter with a vampire; however, with one or two exceptions, the entire collection was authored by Merimee himself.
Using the example of Orsino's exotic emotional excess, marked as Illyrian within the fiction but also filtered through the conventions of Italian romance, Wofford asks to what extent the drama of "foreign emotions--emotions either one hasn't felt or doesn't think one can feel--open a window, provide access into a sort of emotionality that would otherwise be unavailable in one's own culture" (142).
Floristically it is included in the Holarctic Kingdom and is shared between the Illyrian province of the Circumboreal Region (Polunin & Walters 1989), where the beech forests are dominant above 1000 m, with different vegetation series related to the substrate, and the Adriatic province of the Mediterranean Region with xerothermic evergreen vegetation dominated by Pinus halepensis and Quercus ilex close to the sea level, and substituted by deciduous and thermophilous oaks when the sea influence decreases (Trinajstic 1995).
Ljubljana has a monument to Napoleon, who citizens commemorate for declaring Slovene an official language in the Illyrian Provinces.
of Rome and, in 168BC, they conquered the last Illyrian stronghold, the
Messapian was a now extinct Indo-European language spoken in Southern Italy, thought to be close to Illyrian Greek.
The starting point for doing research on the post-socialist enterprise can be the known model of "the Illyrian company" (Ward, 1958, pp.