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Albanian is an Illyrian language, one of the oldest
It represents a very rare finding and the richest finding from the Illyrian time in the World.
See Elinor Despalotovic, Ljudevit Gaj and the Illyrian National Movement (Boulder, 1975), 28-29.
Then the Symphonic Band will play Festal Scenes by Yosuhide Ito; "Blessed Are They" by Johannes Brahms; Illyrian Dances by Guy Woolfenden; "Down a Country Lane" by Copeland and "Candide" Suite by Leonard Bernstein.
Nothing in the letters to Constantinople from Pope Gregory II and Gregory III speak of the transfer of the Illyrian bishoprics.
The final chapter of the book is devoted to the Trummersprachen: Phrygian, Thracian, Macedonian, Illyrian, Venetic, and Messapic.
The Romans fought the native Illyrian tribes for over 150 years to conquer the region, not only to expand their empire but also to secure access to the gold, silver, salt, and other resources found there.
Suhl that Paul really took Egnatia all the way to (a western) Apollonia on the Illyrian gulf and then turned southwest to Athens (199) leaves Beroea hanging (205).
Albanians are descendants of the Dardanians, an Illyrian tribe that populated the country until the Romans conquered the region and forced the Illyrians south, to what is now Albania in 167 B.
What is it that shapes us, whether we will or no, that through these opened and reopened mouths that form the hollow of a speaking wound, we come to say, yes, now we are Illyrian.
The Albanian people are said to be the descendants of the Balkan peninsula's aboriginal Illyrian people.
Archbishop Josip Strossmayer (1815 to 1905) personified the Illyrian movement, the integrative strand, because of his support for union between Croatia and Serbia and between Serbian Orthodoxy and Croatian Catholicism.