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(36.) Illyrians were an ancient people that inhabited roughly the Western Balkans since the first millennium B.C.E.
The attractions of this blueprint made many wish to believe that it described a real Illyrian landscape.
The oldest architectural monuments in Albania date from the 1st millennium BC and were constructed by the Illyrians. From the middle of the 1st millennium BC through the middle of the 1st millennium AD the Greeks and Romans who occupied Albania built structures still visible in urban and rural landscapes.
(6.) La Guzla purported to be a collection of folk ballads from the "Illyrian provinces" of the north and east Adriatic coasts.
"Shakespeare's 'Bargulus, the Strong Illyrian Pirate.'" Notes and Queries 58.2 (2011): 233-36.
In La Guzla (1827), Merimee's fake translation of an Illyrian ballad, Christich Mladin's wife dies of hunger as he sits with his two sons holed up in a cave surrounded by their enemies.
185; Encyclopaedia Judaica (Jerusalem: Keter, 1972; hereafter EJ) 14:1621-2, which states that "the best linguistic affinities are found in Illyrian names with the element -ero"; The Anchor Bible: Judges (New York, 1975) p.
Valsan basin belongs to the Central European region, the province of Eastern Carpathians, Southern subprovincia, mountain species characterized by the presence of tertiary-Carpathian and Balkan elements of Illyrian (Calinescu, 1969).
The militaria, he concedes, is more interesting than beautiful, although 'even the relatively plain, like an Illyrian helmet, is enigmatic and provocative, provoking emotions of one kind or another.'