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ILUSIntegrated Land Use Systems
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He was then coming from Ephyra, where he had been to beg poison for his arrows from Ilus, son of Mermerus.
Hector and the other councillors are now holding conference by the monument of great Ilus, away from the general tumult; as for the guards about which you ask me, there is no chosen watch to keep guard over the host.
But Dardanus came to the coast of the mainland -- from him Erichthonius and thereafter Tros were sprung, and Ilus, and Assaracus, and godlike Ganymede, -- when he had left holy Samothrace in his many-benched ship.
Revenue and cash flow should improve as Heritage Village expansion ILUs continue to fill.
Occupancy remained strong and improved in 2018 for ILUs to 92% from 88% in fiscal 2017.
3, 2018, the OG consisted of 2,124 ILUs, 321 ALUs, 148 memory care units and 751 skilled nursing beds.
In addition, initial entrance fees from new ILUs amounted to a robust $25.9 million during fiscal 2018.
GE's improved operational performance, strong net entrance fee receipts from turnover units, and excess cash from its new expansion ILUs has resulted in strong liquidity growth in fiscal 2017.
GE has recently completed phase II of its GHF expansion project, which consisted of 24 new ILUs. All of the new ILUs have been completed and filled, with GE paying off the related $6 million in temporary debt to fund the project in the second quarter of fiscal 2018.
STRONG DEMAND INDICATORS: Mary's Woods has benefitted from very strong and consistent occupancy across its campus, averaging over 95% for ILUs and ALUs.
Mary's Woods is undertaking Stage I and Stage II of a significant expansion project that as a whole will add 198 ILUs and 48 ALUs to its current 392-unit campus, an over 50% increase in size.
Should any of these weaken during the construction and fill-up period of the new ILUs or if debt service coverage declines, there could be negative rating pressure.