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1] The image magnification and the low reproducibility of alveolar canal diagnosis can increase the risks of anatomical structure damage to the inferior alveolar nerve.
The down side of such image magnification is that any movement of the lens or alteration to the plane of focus will also be magnified.
It includes finely tuned acoustics specially designed for the space, image magnification technology for broadcasting purposes, and sloped seating of 550 seats, with no seat being more than 50 feet from the stage, so every participant has a good view.
This research paper proposes an image magnification technique which produces a HR image of high visual quality from LR image.
The software also allows high image magnification to characterize the red blood cells (RBCs), hence simplifying the validation phase for the hematologist.
Not all pathologists used the same computer monitor, so final image magnification varied.
Chromatic Aberration: The two types of chromatic aberration are axial chromatic aberration, where the focal point position on the optical axis varies according to the wavelength, and chromatic difference or magnification, where the image magnification in peripheral areas varies according to the wavelength.
Image magnification is a process of obtaining an image at resolution higher than taken from image sensor.
Furthermore, the company also builds the monocular M914 system which is as versatile as the M983, but which can provide three- or five-times image magnification.
Moreover, the superoinferior axial projection results in image magnification unless a curved cassette is used.
Image magnification, a key feature for analysis, is determined by the beam's geometry (Figure 1) and defined as:
Five of the RAAF's AP-3C aircraft are already equipped with the Star SAFIRE II systems, but the Star SAFIRE III is the next-generation system, providing greater image magnification and resolution.
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