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IMGRInfinity Medical Group, Inc (Mississauga, ON, Canada)
IMGRImage Manager
IMGRInternal Medicine Grand Rounds (teaching hospitals)
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Image Manager has made a tremendous impact as we test new distribution models.
Thanks to this transaction, the acquisition modality or evidence creator is able to request that the image manager confirm ownership for the specified DICOM objects (images or evidence documents or any combination thereof) stored in the image archive, thus allowing the sender to delete those objects.
These new offerings complement the HP streaming client software solution HP Image Manager, as well as the full HP portfolio of Client Management Solutions software.
He joined ONE as regional image manager before becoming head of PR.
What really appeals to me, however, is TheSky6's image manager.
com) alliance through its established Image Manager product (formerly Panagon).
The P8 architecture features pre-packaged suites: Business Process Manager for process-centric activities; Content Manager for content management-centric activities; Web Content Manager for Web content management-centric activities; and Image Manager for high-volume imaging activities.
Peter Walters, image manager at city centre firm CV One, erected a plaque to Larkin at Coventry station in 1999.
In addition to InfoStore Pro, MH Software offers iCU, a Windows network utility that makes it easy to track the whereabouts of employees, IB2000, a full-featured Windows image manager and viewer, LetUknow, a utility that provides "set it and forget it" monitoring of your LAN and its critical resources, docUment, a utility that provides accurate and detailed information on all the files on your Windows-based computer, iCU HTML, an iCU add-on that creates a regularly-updated HTML page containing iCU status information, and Plan-It, a diary application for the business and home user.
Image Manager software allows the image to be adjusted for color, brightness, and contrast.
Leica provides complete systems including the stereomicroscope, CCD camera and image manager software for data capture and storage.
The new version, which can be used as it is or linked to Sage's Payroll product for an integrated human resources system, features an ability to view employees' annual holiday summaries and absence summaries at a glance, disciplinary records to monitor staff attitudes towards work and an image manager that allows employee photographs and signatures to be stored.
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