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IMINTImagery Intelligence
IMINTImage Intelligence
IMINTDarpa Center on Nanoscale science and Technology for Integrated Micro/Nano-Electromechanical Transducers
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The Army recently redesignated the operational imagery intelligence battalion from the 3rd Military Intelligence Center and renamed it the Army GEOINT Battalion.
Also, because the organizations that operate systems have been the very ones responsible for developing the technology these systems use, the intelligence community has sometimes missed opportunities in which two or more technologies might work well in combination; for example, detecting the presence of radar in a region with signals intelligence and then pinpointing its exact location with imagery intelligence.
Developed specifically to address requirements raised by defense and law enforcement agencies, responding to natural disaster recovery events, terrorism and homeland security threats, SkEye WAPS comprises advanced capabilities in the field of imagery intelligence gathering, providing a complete high-resolution picture and up to 80 square kilometer coverage of the Area of Interest (AOI) to a large number of users.
8226; Current assets available for the collection of imagery intelligence
The imagery intelligence (IMINT) cell is headed by an intelligence warrant officer--an imagery expert who uses imagery and unmanned aerial systems to determine size, strength, and capabilities of units.
An imagery intelligence or signals intelligence (SIGINT) payload on a tactical satellite, directly downlinked to the theater and available for dynamic retasking by the theater collection manager, could make great contributions by supplementing other resources available to the commander.
The Combined Intelligence Center (CIC) is an all-source intelligence center that fuses command unique sensor data with national and other command signal intelligence, imagery intelligence, measurement and signature intelligence, and human intelligence to provide tailored operational intelligence for command decisions and actions.
Epoch Software Systems has an extensive background in the design and development of sophisticated real-time applications in the areas of SIGINT, imagery intelligence (IMINT) and information processing.
Developed specifically to address emerging requirements of defense and law enforcement forces to improve operational responses to military challenges, terrorism and homeland security threats, SkEye comprises advanced capabilities in the field of imagery intelligence gathering and provides a complete high-resolution picture and large Field-of-View (FOV) to a large number of users.
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