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IMANAIslamic Medical Association of North America
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We shall punish chiefs hiding information from the public and the media," Imana told the Star yesterday.
On the other hand, texts situated clearly within a specific space and time, like The Shadow of Imana, and Far from my father, also carry messages that reach beyond their historical anchorage.
Imana, "Efficient elliptic curve point multiplication using digit-serial binary field operations," IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, vol.
In our context, the names of God are also attributes of God that signify our cosmology and ethical concerns for the well-being of humanity: Nzambe, Leza, Mungu, Nkulu, Ngai, Andriamanitra, Imana, Modimo, "Kikwembn, etc., are aspects of the God of Abraham, of Isaac, of Jacob, the God of Jesus Christ.
Un estudio de caracter mas exploratorio fue planteado por Garcia Barriocanal, de la Herran Gascon y Imana Martinez (2007) con la finalidad de conocer la situacion en la que se encontraba el grupo de jovenes (N = 344) que habia estado en residencias de proteccion, en regimen de guarda o tutela, en la Comunidad de Madrid, tomando como base no solo la opinion de los jovenes, sino tambien la de sus familiares sobre dicha experiencia residencial.
El crecimiento de un arbol, puede presentar variaciones en sus dimensiones, debido a factores geneticos de las especies, por influencia de los factores climaticos, como:temperatura, precipitacion, viento, iluminacion; por las caracteristicas fisicas, quimicas y biologicas de los suelos; por la topografia del sitio; por las diferentes enfermedades o plagas que se presenten; o por la propia competencia con otros arboles y otros tipos de vegetacion (IMANA & ENCINAS, 2008).
We did this in conjunction with the National Stone, Sand and Gravel Association (NSSGA), the Industrial Minerals Association of North America (IMANA), and other stakeholders, and walked them through what our objective was.
His evocation of Rwanda's unifying myth of common ancestry in Gihanga, the all-forgiving God Imana, and the multiple cultural and spiritual values and taboos that elicited virtue and proscribed amorality echo Nkulu-N'Sengha's analysis of African religions and spirituality and Angulo Parra's of philosophy and ethics.
A determinacao das alturas das arvores por meio de instrumentos e uma operacao onerosa, sendo comum medir-se a altura de algumas arvores em parcelas de amostragem e, empregando-se modelos de relacao hipsometrica, estimar a altura das demais (IMANA ENCINAS et al., 2002).
Ivan Imana, the company vice president of information technology, said 'I chose to integrate with TripIt because, as an end-user of TripIt, I enjoy their itinerary management, and I believe that many of our road warriors are also avid users of TripIt.
ARY Digital Network is working very closely with renowned organizations like IMANA and Helping Hand USA who are also contributing to US government efforts of helping the needy in Haiti as their team of doctors and relief workers are already assisting and treating the affectees.