IMARInstitute of Mathematics of the Romanian Academy
IMARInner Mongolian Autonomous Region
IMARInstitute of Motion Analysis and Research (University of Dundee; Dundee, Scotland, UK)
IMARInstitute for Marine and Atmospheric Resesarch
IMARInstrument Mission Assurance Requirements
IMARInternational MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) Accreditation Resources (San Francisco, CA)
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Tisa-Lim, extremely well known from numerous Ebla texts as the queen of Imar, is here called, by an inexplicable lapsus calami, queen of Ugarit.
Imar is technical director and software designer for Design IT, an IT company in the Netherlands specializing in Internet and intranet applications built with Microsoft technologies.
Outgoing IMAR Group CEO Brad Williams commented, "Having worked closely with Laurie and the Challenger management team throughout this process over the past several months, we firmly believe we are leaving the legacy of the Sugar Sand and Gekko brands in extremely capable hands.
The seizure has had a damaging knock-on effect on the utility companies' bank, Imar Bank, which is also part of the Uzan Group, and which has been deprived of millions of dollars of income.
Access to finance for the rural and poor households in IMAR improved (12th Five-Year Plan)
Don Juan Carlos I, the King of Spain, arrived at the opening ceremonies wearing a pair of the Camper Imar Boat Shoe.
Geddes has been Chief Financial Officer of IMAR Corporation and Oncogenetics, Inc.
Beijing Xinyinglian Film Distribution Company - Century-Hero Film Investment Corporation Ltd - China Digital Art Dotcom - China Film Group Corporation (CFGC) - China Urban Cinema Development Association - Eastman Kodak - E'mei Film Production Company - Golden Harvest Entertainment (Holdings) Ltd - Imar Films - IMAX Corporation - Lark International Entertainment - Moonstone International Entertainment (China) Company Ltd - Shanghai East Film & Television Distribution Company - Shanghai Film Studio - Shanghai Yongle Film Distribution & Exhibition Company Ltd - United Artists Theatre Circuit Inc.
Implementing agency : MARMARIS BELEDIYESI IMAR VE SEHIRCILIK ME[pounds sterling]DE[pounds sterling]RLE[pounds sterling]GE[pounds sterling],
As a founder of the modern music and film industry in China with Magic Stone Records, China Fire Records, and IMAR films, RIC also has superior knowledge of content sourcing, production, distribution and marketing in China.
IMAR designs and manufactures structural parts and assemblies from two facilities in Italy, primarily for Fiat.