IMARInstitute of Mathematics of the Romanian Academy
IMARInner Mongolian Autonomous Region
IMARInstitute of Motion Analysis and Research (University of Dundee; Dundee, Scotland, UK)
IMARIraqi Military Academy Rustamiyah (Rustamiyah, Iraq)
IMARInternational MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) Accreditation Resources (San Francisco, CA)
IMARInstitute for Marine and Atmospheric Resesarch
IMARInstrument Mission Assurance Requirements
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Imar said that the Education Program of the UNRWA was focused on quality, fair, and inclusive education at schools and developing students' capacities and life skills.
The equation IMA value/individual serum albumin concentration was used to maintain the IMAR to avoid introducing the confounding factor of the impact of albumin concentration differences between groups.
Imar Properties owns a residential project in Downtown Beirut's Saifi neighborhood, with units ranging from 172 to 360 sqm, priced at $4,400 per square meter for the first floor.
This month, there was an increase in the transmission charge of residential customers by P0.15 per kWh due to the increase in power delivery service charges caused by National Grid Corporation of the Philippines' implementation of higher Interim Maximum Allowable Revenue (iMAR).
Mohsen, whose grandfather was Irish, plays in four bands - Talisk, Imar, Fourth Moon and The Low Ground.
Rick Leyva, partner and managing director, and private wealth advisors Clelia Dipp, Imar Rodriguez and Christina Eddy will work from the firm's San Diego office, and manage about $200 million in client assets.
Boyle bir durumda, rant gelirine dayali kalkinma projeleri, endustriyel yatirimlar, imar projeleri ve subvansiyonlar durdurulabilmekte ya da yarida kalabilmektedir.
Dublin was then controlled by Brian's subordinate Imar (Ivarr) of Waterford, inviting speculation that had Svein's son Rnutr been able to intervene in Ireland in 1014, which he was not, he need not necessarily have opposed Brian.
The TwinBeam Dual Energy X-ray tube concept of the relaunched SOMATOM Definition Edge enables simultaneous imaging at two different energy levels for the first time in single-source computed tomography (CT), according to Siemens, which also introduced iMAR, a new iterative algorithm to reduce metal artifacts.