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IMDbInternet Movie Database
IMDbin Memory Data Base
IMDbInternet Movie Data Base
IMDbImmigrant Database
IMDbIn-Memory Data Base
IMDbIntegrated Maintenance Data Base
IMDbIntegrated Missile Data Base
IMDbInteractive Mission Data Base
IMDbImagery Management Database
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The other main contender - The Shape of Water - has an IMDB.
Bringing this promotional relationship to life was a collaborative effort between Paramount Network, Amazon and Horizon Media, with Horizon facilitating the project and shaping Paramount Network's overall presence within the IMDb Flash Briefing.
But when IMDB acts like pollsters and starts weighting votes and raising the threshold to 25,000 voters as it does for its all-time top 250, which is based on votes from regular users, then Bollywood might find itself locked out (the highest-ranking Indian film on this list is Aamir Khan's 3 Idiots at No 142).
Since 2003 her profile has been available on the IMDb database.
Many agents and talent managers use IMDb to check out potential clients.
The company said that the IMDb Movies and TV App gives customers mobile access to its comprehensive movie and TV database.
Simmons "made a comeback to films in 1995 in How to Make an American Quilt co-starring Winona Ryder and Anne Bancroft, and most recently played the elderly Sophie in the English version of Hayao Miyazaki s Hauru no ugoku shiro ," a 2004 animated film, according to IMDb.
Masdar and IMDB will cooperate and invest in carbon reduction projects and clean technology venture capital," the Malaysian embassy said.
IMDB Cache is designed to cache table data from Oracle databases after which, exposes it to the application tier.
Among the scores of versions of "Robin Hood" listed on imdb.
the Internet Movie Database has all the answers, IMDb knows more than even the most rabid Hollywood gossip queen: By encouraging the Internet community at large to keep the site spring-fresh, it's the ultimate movie resource--an epic production of full credits and bios, news, reviews, plot summaries, show times, photo galleries, trivia and goofs, DVD details, and much more.
According to PC Week, IMDB is being developed by the COM+ team within Microsoft, and has been designed as a fast, transient, transactional database, suitable for processing online transactions from the internet at high speeds.