IMIAInternational Medical Informatics Association
IMIAInternational Medical Interpreters Association (est. 1986; Boston, MA)
IMIAInternational Association of Engineering Insurers (est. 1968)
IMIAInternational Marketing Institute of Australia
IMIAInfraGard Manufacturing Industry Association
IMIAIndonesian Muslim Intellectuals Association
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Imia in 1996 was the scene of a tense standoff between Athens and Ankara which almost lead to a full-scale war between the two NATO allies over sovereignty issues in the Aegean.
Oscar Treceno, chairman of IMIA and head of engineering, Helvetia Insurance, said: "Qatar has already achieved remarkable progress and is in the process of undertaking major projects, including its rail system and a number of world-class sports stadiums.
Caption: Figure 3: Percentages of IMIA (a) and DMDA (b) of ejaculated sperm considering the interaction effect between treatment and week in rams submitted or not to heat stress.
Instead he gave her and us, the readers, exactly what he wanted: a strong sense of "I"--ia-with which the poem ends, anagramatically, as Lachmann has noted, embedded in imia, embedded in pamiat' and pamiatnik (214).
In 1996, President Bill Clinton intervened to help avert a possible armed exchange after a dispute over ownership of a tiny, uninhabited Aegean islet called Imia (Kardak in Turkish).
According to my foreign-born interlocutors, "Everybody had his rifle ready and was ready to shoot", in particular, after the events of Imia (Kardak in Turkish) in 1996.
Proceedings of the 7th IMIA International Conference on Nursing Use of Computers and Information Science (pp.
But Baker Tilly believes the reverse takeover of Imia MitonOptimal by Liverpool's Midas Capital Partners last month could spark renewed interest in the market across the city's mid-corporate market.
See the interesting article by Sergei Firsov, "Kompromiss vo imia spaseniia: radi svoei pastvy Patriarkh Sergii vynuzhden byl poiti na sotrudnichestvo s sovetskoi vlast'iu," Nezavisimaiia gazeta, 25 May 2004, available online at: http://religion.