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IDAInternational Development Association (World Bank)
IDAIdaho (old style postal)
IDAInternational Documentary Association
IDAInternational Dyslexia Association
IDAInstitute for Defense Analyses
IDAIndustrial Development Agency
IDAInfocomm Development Authority (Singapore)
IDAIntelligent Data Analysis (symposium)
IDAIn-Depth Analysis
IDAIndustrial Development Authority
IDAInternational Development Agency
IDAIron Deficiency Anemia (medicine)
IDAInternet Download Accelerator (freeware)
IDAInfocomm Development Authority of Singapore
IDAIndustrial Development Association (various locations)
IDAInvestment Development Agency (various locations)
IDAInternational Door Association
IDAIn Defense of Animals
IDAIminodiacetic Acid
IDAIndian Dental Association (Mumbai, India)
IDAIndividual Development Account
IDAInstitutionen För Datavetenskap (Computer and Information Science Department, Linköpings Universitet, Sweden)
IDAIdaho Falls Regional Airport
IDAInterior Design Associates (Nashville, TN)
IDAInternet Dental Alliance (marketing)
IDAIdaho Department of Agriculture
IDAInvestment Dealers Association of Canada
IDAIndustrial Disputes Act 1947 (India)
IDAInterchange of Data Between Administrations
IDAInteractive Disassembler (computer programming)
IDAIllinois Digital Archives (Illinois State Library)
IDAInfosphere Data Architect (software; IBM)
IDAInterchange Data Between Administrations
IDAInternet Download Accelerator
IDAInfocomm Development Authority
IDAInternet Data Analysis
IDAInternational Design Academy (Japan)
IDAInternational Downtown Association
IDAInternational Disability Alliance
IDAIndirect Access
IDAInternational Desalination Association
IDAInstituto de Desarrollo Agrario (Spanish: Agrarian Development Institute; Costa Rica)
IDAInternational Dispensary Association (Netherlands)
IDAInternational Design Awards (Los Angeles, California)
IDAIntercollegiate Dressage Association
IDAIrish Dental Association
IDAIntelligent Drive Array
IDAIndustrial Development Agency Ireland
IDAIndependent Distributors Association
IDAIndependent Documentary Association
IDAInformation Dependent Acquisition
IDAIntegrated Development Assessment (New South Wales, Australia)
IDAInternational Dairy Arrangement (now International Dairy Agreement)
IDAIDA-Discover (i-data, TCP/IP port 5742)
IDAIdaho Falls, ID, USA (Airport Code)
IDAIstrian Democratic Assembly (Croatian political party)
IDAInterface for Distributed Automation
IDAInfantry Division Association
IDAIntegrated Digital Access
IDAInternational Depository Authority
IDAInternational Deployment of Accelerometers
IDAIrish Development Authority
IDAIndustrial Distribution Association
IDAInternational Distribution Agreement
IDAIntelligent Disk Array
IDAInterchange of Data between Administration (European Telematics Programme)
IDAInitial Denial Authority
IDAInternet Data Administration (Microsoft file extension)
IDAInstitute for Development Anthropology
IDAIntelligent Distribution Agent
IDAIsrael Diabetes Association (est. 1954)
IDAIdaho Dairymen’s Association
IDAIntentional Defect Array
IDAIndemnisation Directe de l'Assuré (French: Direct Compensation of the Insured)
IDAIowa Dietetic Association
IDAInner Dynein Arm
IDAIntegrated Data Analysis
IDAInfoFrame DWH Appliance (NEC Corporation)
IDAInternational Dark-Sky Association, Inc.
IDAInternet Directory Assistance
IDAIntrusion Detection Appliance (computer security)
IDAInformation on Drugs and Alcohol (database)
IDAInformation, Decision, Action
IDAInternational Dental Association
IDAIndirect Data Addressing
IDAInternational Directory Assistance (Sprint)
IDAInitial Design Activity
IDAIntelligent Desktop Assistant
IDAInteractive Data Archive
IDAInput Data Acknowledge
IDAIntegrated Digital Avionics
IDAIdentity of Key for Authentication
IDAInertial Data Assembly
IDAImage Difference Analysis
IDAInterconnect Device Arrangement
IDAIntegrated Disbursing & Accounting
IDAIntegrated Disk Adapter (Sperry Univac Mainframes)
IDAInfrared Data Acquisition
IDAIonospheric Dispersion Analysis
IDAItem Development Administrator
IDAIndependent Digital Artists
IDAInitial Distress Alert
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Moniri, Synthesis, Characterization, and Application of Amberlite XAD-2- Salicylic Acid- Iminodiacetic Acid for Lead Removal from Human Plasma and Environmental Samples, J.
Tc-99m Disofenin or 2,6-diisopropylacetanilido iminodiacetic acid (DISIDA) and Tc-99m Mebrofenin or bromo-2,4,6-trimethylacetanilido iminodiacetic acid (BromIDA) are the two most commonly used today.
DeMeester et al., "Clinical use of 24-hour gastric pH monitoring vs o-diisopropyl iminodiacetic acid (DISIDA) scanning in the diagnosis of pathologic duodenogastric reflux," Archives of Surgery, vol.
A hepatobiliary iminodiacetic acid (HIDA) scan was not considered for this patient, since it was already known that the patient had bile leak, and a HIDA scan is not accurate enough to show the exact anatomical site of the leak.
Here it worth to notice that, there is no wide difference in the values of [E.sub.g] for PANI-OH doped by iminodiacetic acid, methanesulfonic acid, and phosphoric acid (3.18-3.26 eV).
In this method, the known affinity between Cu(II) and metal coordinating residues on the protein surfaces (Van Dam et al., 1989), two cupric cations chelated by molecules of iminodiacetic acid (IDA) immobilized onto a single spacer molecule of polyethylene glycol (PEG) or chelated by a molecule of ethylene glycol bis-aminoethyl crosslink and precipitate proteins that contain multiple metal coordination sites (Vijayalakshmi, 1989).
A subsequent hepatic iminodiacetic acid (HIDA) scan demonstrated impaired hepatocellular function, delayed passage of contrast to the bile duct, and a photopenic area below the liver.