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Imm-ACKImmediate Acknowledgement
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For instance, TDMA-ASAP [10] is designed for data gathering applications but does not support neither communications with broadcast nor immediate acknowledgement.
FROM Art Garfunkel, there's immediate acknowledgement of what fans want toknow beforehe steps out on stage at Liverpool's Philharmonic Hall next week.
And by way of adding a human touch, we promise immediate acknowledgement of your communiques.
The family will be looking for an immediate acknowledgement of responsibility and for Mr Turner's help in finding out what has happened to Mrs Gent's remains.
The tweet received an immediate acknowledgement from director Gupta, shunning any doubts that Sunny was indeed doing the hip- shake drill in his film.
Done that way you get an immediate acknowledgement and if they owe you money you will be repaid faster.
You can receive an immediate acknowledgement that the return has been received, as well as an alert on any obvious submission errors.
It didn't stop the immediate acknowledgement of his subtle skills from the travelling Toon army, who belted out their familiar "Dalglish" war cry.