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IVFIn Vitro Fertilization
IVFIntel Visual Fortran (computing)
IVFInstitute of Vegetables and Flowers (Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences; China)
IVFIntra Vic Format
IVFIndeo Video File
IVFIntegrated Vehicle Fluids (spaceflight)
IVFIntervertebral Foramen
IVFIdiopathic Ventricular Fibrillation
IVFImmediate Visual Feedback (computer-assisted language education)
IVFIntel Video Technology (filename extension)
IVFIntravascular Fluid (plasma)
IVFIntra-Venous Fluids
IVFInadequate for in Vitro Fertilization
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Easy-to-use editing tools are now integrated into the CityEngine interface, providing more immediate visual feedback.
This motivates key holders to augment their daily movement by providing immediate visual feedback, encouraging users to increase their activity day after day towards achieving their goals and enhancing overall wellbeing.
An embedded architecture has several important advantages over other solutions, including: availability since the speech software is always available whether a network connection is present or not; responsiveness since the interface is not affected by network delays; ease of application integration, adaptation to the users' voice increasing accuracy over time, security and the ability to provide immediate visual feedback to the device user and power efficiency.
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