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IEGInstitute of Economic Growth (India)
IEGImmediate Early Gene
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IEGInformation Exchange Group
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IEGIntegrated Equipment Group (US IRS)
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However, whether the neuronal death, oxidative stress, loss of cyclic adenosine 3',5'-monophosphate (cAMP) response element-binding (CREB) protein, and immediate early genes (IEGs) are involved in the etomidate-induced memory deficits in the elderly is still unknown.
Etomidate suppressed the immediate early genes expression
Immediate early gene expression in response to cerebral ischemia: Friend or foe?
c-fos is a member of a family of immediate early genes (IEGs).
The final three chapters describe newly developed techniques for recording activity in large ensembles of neurons repeatedly over long time periods, mapping neural activity with immediate early genes, and imaging the medial temporal lobe.
Previously it has been suggested that histone proteins have potential of being O-GlcNAc modified, which may control gene expression of immediate early genes (Kaleem et al.
Vascular endothelial cells respond to mechanical forces, such as shear stress, by expressing a number of immediate early genes.
The induction occurs at least 20 h after the addition of NGF, and requires new protein synthesis |28~, which probably involves a set of transcriptional factors such as NGF-IA/Zif268 and c-fos, the so-called immediate early genes |29~.
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