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Apart from apricots, maize is also cultivated in Immit.
There are many peculiarities of Immit, one being a hot spring and the other being the identity of the village as a melting pot of different cultures.
The hot spring of Immit is invariably filled with locals and people from nearby villages who come to take a bath in the hope of receiving healing from the waters.
There is a thriving population of yaks in Immit village, which are used for threshing the crop.
The people of Immit speak Khowar, Shina, Wakhi and Gujjari languages.
In general, these inhabitants of Immit are an industrious population.
In fact, embroidered caps of Ishkoman in general and Immit in particular are very famous in Ghizer district.
On Feb 6, body of Didar Hussain, 14, a 7th class student of Tashnalote village of Immit, was recovered from a river.
The Deputy Commissioner of Ghizer Shuja Alam said that the glacier started melting on Tuesday night and the water containing mud and stones fell into Barsuwat Nullah, which eventually falls into Immit River.
It was further reported by the local media outlet that due to this the flow of Immit River has been blocked and an artificial lake has been created disconnecting upstream villages and other areas.
The Immit River finally joins the River Indus in the Gilgit area.