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Tenders are invited for Supply of immobilized ph gradient (ipg) strip
4% DTT, 2% v/v immobilized pH gradient (IPG) buffer pH 3 to 10, pH 6 to 11, and pH 4 to 7) overnight.
A series of important factors such as sample preparation protein quantities pH range of immobilized pH gradient (IPG) strip and extraction methods were optimized to improve the resolution and repeatability.
The first-dimension electrophoresis of the protein sample (about 200 [micro]g) was conducted on immobilized pH gradient gel (IPG) strips (pH 3 to 10; 7 cm; GE Healthcare, USA).
Two-dimensional electrophoresis (2DE) is a popular technique for proteomic comparisons, which was recently revolutionized by the development of immobilized pH gradient strips for reproducible separations of matched samples of proteins encoded on genes.
5), immobilized pH gradient strips (Immobiline[TM] DryStrip, pH 3-10), and all specific solutions for protein electrophoresis from GE Healthcare Bio-Sciences AB; goat antihuman IgG from Sigma-Aldrich; peroxidase-conjugated rabbit antigoat IgG from Dako A/S; and all chemical reagents from Sigma-Aldrich.
The first dimension utilizes immobilized pH gradient (IPG) that can be applied to different ranges from broad (pH 3-10) to narrow gradients (pH 3-6, 5-8, and 7-10).
Rehydration of immobilized pH gradient (IPG) requires a minimum of 11 hours.
Isoelectric focusing (IEF) was performed with a readymade immobilized pH gradient (IPG) system (26), i.